Milano Design Week 2024 / Gervasoni Flagship Store
Ghost Party, Be my Guest!
Via Durini, 7  Milano
15-21.04.2024, 10.00 – 20.00 h

Photo Gianluca Bellomo // Set-up Beatrice Rossetti Studio & OTTO Studio

An unexpected invitation for a birthday that can't wait to be celebrated. Eclectic personalities reunite at Gervasoni's flagship store in Via Durini during the Milan Design Week 2024 to celebrate the 20th birthday of someone who has been one of the protagonists of design. Ghost, the iconic collection designed by Paola Navone, organizes "Ghost Party, Be my Guest", an in-mobile party in the Gervasoni Flagship Store, whose guests are eclectic reinterpretations of the famous upholstered furniture family.

Sofas, armchairs, chairs and a Ghost bed live in the exhibition space through a set-up that changes according to the products' appearance: more classic environments leave room for punk areas, corners with animalier patterns are alternated with tech tissues, there is no defined dress code to participate to the party, each Ghost wears a unique outfit to emphasise its own identity, identifying in new roles without distorting itself or losing its DNA.

Over the years, the Ghost family has hosted numerous versions of the iconic seat: armchairs, sofas, day-beds, beds, sofa-beds, all based on the basic idea of a light structure enveloped with a generous cover. Comfort and versatility are the key words that define the project, whose name is inspired by the white version that, thanks to the fabric that drops softly, recalls the collective vision of ghosts. Ghost furniture can be undressed and dressed in a flash: the collection's main feature is its removable cover, an oversize housse whose profile is emphasized by over-sewn seams.

Unlike the traditional Ghost chair, the new proposal features an upholstered cover that runs along the entire seat and highlights its profile, minimal structure, and square legs defined by clean geometries that are usually covered by the oversize housse. In addition, to further expand the compositional potential of the Ghost sofa, which until now found its strength in the closed models, the family also welcomes new modules, characterized by a backrest with a curvilinear trend that welcomes soft molding cushions as a testament to Ghost's comfort, giving the product its own personality and aesthetic.

Let's discover the guests at the Ghost party!

Functional and high-performance fabrics. Urban Flag celebrates technical fabrics by making them the protagonists of an initial environment within the space on Via Durini, a true runway opener for Gervasoni's multifaceted Flagshipstore set-up. The Ghost 18 sofa is dressed entirely in tech materials and fluorescent colors, remixing futuristic aesthetics and more classic suggestions. Unexpected reflective nylon, transparent vinyl, and metallic microgrids decorate the wall. Zippers, straps, pockets and zippers complete the design, revealing one of the values that define the Ghost collection: durability, the ability to evolve without forgetting its DNA, which makes dynamism a lifeblood.

In The Wild Family area, Ghost new 2024 chairs are dressed in brightly colored animalier fabrics with striking textures inspired by the coats of wild inhabitants. The five chairs frame a table on which N.P.T.C cutlery by Creatore.Design appears, the right touch for a tribal and refined mise en place. The setting is enhanced by elements that evoke nature and the vastness of the savannah, studied details that make the space a setting with total look inspired by the animal world. On the wall antique carpets from a private collection are decorated with animalier patterns. Along with these, catching the eye is a very rare piece, a rug from the early 1900s depicting a tiger and from a famous collection of David Sorgato. Finally, on the table dominated by a lamp with miniature animals, a small contemporary rug by Doing Goods ironically evokes a hunting trophy.

Crediti: antique rug David Sorgato, modern rug Doing Goods, cutlery Creatore.Design

In Space Glam, the Ghost 05 armchair prepares to set off on an interstellar journey. Upholstered in a metallic silver material, it evokes the glow of celestial bodies in the infinite darkness of space. Like an astronaut ready to take off into the unknown, the armchair is wrapped in a silver capsule, a kind of spaceship with lightly padded walls, which cradles and protects it during the journey. Two lamps by Ingo Maurer with a futuristic flavor, Blow Me Up, decorate the space.

Credits: Ingo Maurer.

So Denim is a multifaceted personality that sees Re_Hash's signature blue jeans as its defining element. A fashion icon, denim with its rich history and versatility embodies a sense of timeless elegance and casualness at the same time. A fabric made from different types and colors of denim covers the new sofa modules in an S-shaped composition that thus acquires a glamorous look. But that's not all: for an even more exalted demonstration of the versatility of denim, two wooden side tables have been covered in the same fabric. Every scratch, every mark of time on the denim becomes a chapter in a story, a testimony to strength and resilience that enhances the beauty of imperfections. The entire area is decorated with a number of sculpture masks made using salvaged denim by Afran, an artist originally from Cameroon. On the floor the carpets from the Casa Denim collection born from the Italian-Moroccan collaboration between Matteo Martinello and Jihane Lahbabi. Enriching the space on the wall are paintings by artist Alfonso Talotta displayed in a group show entitled Almost Blue.

Crediti: jeans fabric Re_HasH, artworks Alfonso Talotta, rugs Casa Amar, sculptures Afran Artista Contemporaneo.

A second curvilinear modular composition echoes the expressive power of blue in an electric proposal. Teddy Blue is dressed in a faux fur fabric, soft to the touch and to the eye for an even softer and more intimate sofa: wearing or wrapping oneself in a furry fabric is like immersing oneself in a hug, a cozy refuge in which to find rest and tranquility, soft fibers that caress the skin and evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Nostalgia and reflection, remembering where you started with an awareness of how much you have learned and looking to the future. The new Ghost chairs are transformed into elegant shapes dressed in white, a tribute to the first collection presented in white linen. Although the color white persists, the material is completely different: each seat is covered entirely in white post-it notes, which serve as a metaphor for the tools on which we jot down memories not to be forgotten, guardians of our thoughts and promises.

In Punky One, the Ghost 04 armchair embodies the vibrant world of 1980s punk rock. Fully upholstered in a red lacquer fabric that evokes the sense of rebellion and boldness typical of the era, Ghost 04 completes its look with a cushion made of soft black faux leather, tied by red strings. The combination of these elements, colors and materials gives the room the right amount of drama that captures the energetic and transgressive essence of the punk rock movement, with its rough notes and untamed spirit. Decorating the room are photographic works created by Alfred Drago Rens courtesy Galleria l'Affiche portraying teddy bears with attitudes that evoke the characteristic punk attitudes of emancipation through rebellion against submission to social rules.

Crediti: artworks Alfred Drago Rens, courtesy Galleria l’Affiche

At a time in history when sustainability, recycling, and respect for the environment are of greatest importance, the Ghost 16 sofa wants to tell the story of this delicate concept by dressing itself in patches. Designers Guild's fabric, made in part from scraps of other upholstery, covers the entire sofa to serve as a backdrop for a multitude of cushions whose purpose is to support the power of recycling thanks to pillowcases made from used clothing with a vintage feel: how to give new life to what seems to have no more. Each piece tells a story, carrying with it the memories and emotions of the fabrics from which it was created. This recycling process transforms forgotten clothes into unique and surprising pieces, resulting in creations that mix colors, textures and patterns in a harmonious and striking way. Each seam becomes a bridge between the past and the present, celebrating the beauty of the imperfect and the uniqueness of each individual fabric. Towering over the wall is Agate Moderne, a work by designer and artist Massimiliano Adami that represents a symbol of the alienation of plastic idealized into fascinating 'relics' of modern consumerism: imprints and parts of plastic objects from our contemporary society stopped in an imaginary instant of eternity in a synthetic fossil magma. Also decorating the room are vases made through the weaving of salvaged materials by Spanish artist Mariadela Araujo, who is known for researching, experimenting and creating artworks, functional objects and installations made with the use of different textile materials and bold color palettes, elevating traditional craft techniques such as weaving, embroidery and textile assemblage.

Credits: fabric Designers Guild, vases Mariadela Araujo, artwork Agate Moderne Massimiliano Adami.

A sensory journey through the culture and beauty of ancient China. China Mood celebrates the fascinating and history-rich world of ancient China by paying homage to the artistry of Chinese vase painting. Like a harmonious dance between history, culture and creativity, each brushstroke is a captured emotion, a fragment of life immortalized on pottery. The decorations, steeped in symbolism and tradition, speak of ancient tales and wisdom passed down from generation to generation. The Ghost dormeuse, a jewel of refinement, is wrapped in a luxurious linen fabric by Pierre Frey, enriched with delicate embroidery that evokes the suggestive motifs of oriental vases, with shades of blue and white. Around the seat, various elements evoke the imagery of the Rising Sun, including a fortune ideogram that adorns one of the walls, conveying a sense of prosperity and harmony.

Credits: fabric Pierre Frey.

No Waste is designed to raise awareness of the theme of environmental respect and non-waste. Two Ghost chairs, one covered in white and wrapped in plastic tape, and the other with a covering made of bubble wrap, represent the symbol of reuse: the furniture is dressed in those materials usually used for packaging, representing a commitment to sustainability. No Waste gives new life to materials destined for the landfill, transforming them into a unique design object. The backdrop for the seating is a canvas made from discarded elements: plastics, cardboard and nets are assembled into a single element that both decorates and conveys a meaningful message.

In a vibrant spring atmosphere, Flower Power brings to life a waterfall of energy where chairs, table and walls are adorned with floral graphics that transport the visitor on a dreamlike journey to discover bold designs and the use of vibrant colors belonging to the Scandinavian aesthetic. An iconic print of larger or smaller stylized poppies in multiple colors decorates the space. The different floral motifs recall art, nature, and Nordic design-they are both modern and timeless, able to adapt to different trends and designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages. On the table, faux flowers seem to materialize from the fabrics through an arrangement that enchants the senses.



Ba/Rock speaks of a highly decorative world, one that makes movement and dynamism its expressive force, playing with light and shadow, with the theatricality that arises from this contrast: the Ghost 01 armchairs are in fact covered externally with an iridescent black fabric that, when illuminated by a flash, reveals a rainbow that enhances the colorful soul of the ornamental, interior upholstery, made from Rubelli fabrics creating a contrast between past and present. Colorful threads woven with care and precision delineate intricate and opulent designs, damask fabrics with a classic aesthetic blend with novel hues and contemporary color palettes. Fabrics that envelope in an embrace of luxury and nobility, immersing in a dimension of opulence and timeless beauty, set against a hyper-technological fabric shell.

Credits: damask fabrics Rubelli.



Her offers a glimpse inside a modern dollhouse, a shocking pink universe where textures and colors come together conveying a playful and vibrant energy that captures the attention and stimulates the senses. The vibrant hue created by visionary Elsa Schiaparelli is the backdrop for Glamour Group's Ghost 81 bed with powder-pink faux Mongolian fabric and an armchair from the same collection upholstered in white linen with transparent fuchsia raincoats. Entering a pink dollhouse is like plunging into a hyper pop, ultra-feminine world where every detail tells of unapologetic femininity. Dizzying platforms, eye-catching jewelry and a heavy dose of baby pink, the rules don't exist except to have fun and dare with style. Hyper pop style embraces diversity and inclusion, inviting everyone to celebrate their uniqueness with pride-an aesthetic that celebrates freedom of expression and a love of kitsch.

Credits: Glamour Group.

Afro Beats celebrates the energy and vivacity of vibrant African culture. Straight from Kenya, masai tartan fabrics in bold, vivid hues have been expertly stitched to bring to life the upholstery that transforms the Ghost 12 sofa and a corner composition into visually striking works of art. These fabrics, with their intricate patterns and bold colors, tell millennia-old stories of tradition, culture and community, evoking a sense of belonging and pride in African roots. Each color is a tribute to the richness of the land, the landscapes and the vibrant diversity of the people who populate this region. Wearing or admiring these textiles is like immersing oneself in a kaleidoscope of emotions, a journey through the history and soul of Kenya. Decorating the space are custom-made vases in bright colors made by Pop Pot, with shapes inspired by the jars used to carry water and food.

Credits: Pop Pot.

To make Ghost's birthday celebration even more special, Gervasoni invites design lovers to participate in a unique contest. At its Flagship store, Gervasoni is organizing a not-to-be-missed Instagram contest, offering the chance to win three iconic products: Ghost 04, Ghost 05 and Ghost 18. To participate, visitors must take photos or videos inside the store, capturing the festive atmosphere and essence of the Ghost sofa, and share them on Instagram using the hashtag #ghost20thbirthday and @partecipoeautorizzo. Photos can be posted from April 15 to April 21, and lucky winners will be randomly drawn from all participants at the end of the contest. A party in which store visitors will have the unique opportunity to celebrate the 20th birthday of the Ghost sofa and win one of the exclusive prizes raffled by Gervasoni.

Visit the contest page to learn more.