A vast range of fabrics to satisfy the functional and aesthetic requirements of each client: from natural fabrics like cotton or linen, to wool and velvet. Fabrics selected not only in virtue of colours and textures, but also according to quality, resistance, thickness or softness.

Fabric collections with FR (Fire Resistance) certifications are as follows (see fabric detail to know which certifications): 3D, Animals, Artist, Bear, Birds, Corduroy, Cosmo, Deus, Galassia, Grande Boucle, Kingsman, Linum, Malta 3, Natural (only Lino Bianco), Nuage, Plants, Row, Sand, Terre de Lin, Trama, Tweed, Tweel, Winds, Zodiac.

Fabric collections with the TB117/2013 Certification are as follows: 3D, Animals, Artist, Bear, Birds, Cosmo, Deus, Grande Boucle, Kingsman, Mountains, Movida, Natural (only Lino Bianco), Nuage, Plants, Row, Sand, Trama, Winds.

All models are available also in FR version: 1 M, California Test or British Standard foams can be specified in your order. Special fire retardant interliners to be put between the padding and the cushion cover are also available with a supplement.