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With a simple gesture, like changing clothes on the sofa or armchair, you can give a new image to the house and move on from a creative and colorful mood to a fresh and delicate atmosphere. Gervasoni upholstered furniture is designed to be able to change covers in a moment. So that it becomes natural to give the sofa and the armchairs a different image according to the season or a particular occasion.


The idea is to give a twist to the furniture in the house. As the light and the atmosphere of the house changes in the summer, so the covers of the sofas and armchairs can also satisfy the desire for lightness and simplicity that belongs to the summer if dressed in soft white linen.

It is a great opportunity to "dare" a different cover, choosing among a wide selection of fabrics. From the unbelievable palette of solid colors or fantasies born from the unconventional creativity of Paola Navone. Linen soft and full bodied. Natural and light cotton. Smooth and changing velvets. To alternate with the classic white linen cover to match all tastes and seasons.

Outdoor collections and Loll  07 - 08 - 09  are excluded.
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p. 46-47

Design Paola Navone

Comfort and versatility are the keywords that define Ghost, a collection of seats that are as comfortable and enveloping as their upholstery. The name of the collection is inspired by the white version which, thanks to the soft falling fabric, brings to mind the common imagination of ghosts. The large collection Ghost seats is developed around a light body with essential volumes that contains soft cushions. The main feature is the upholstery: an oversized housse whose profile is underlined by the visible stitching. Sofas, armchairs, ottomans, chairs and beds are undressed and dressed in a flash, like a change of clothes, taking on a different image each time, simple or sophisticated, depending on the personality of those who choose and live them.


Design Paola Navone

The beauty of simplicity and comfort take shape in the Loll collection. Composed of cosy and comfortable sofas and armchairs, Loll speaks of contemporary comfort, combined with attention to detail, the quality of the materials and the uniqueness of the craftsmanship. The profile of the sofas is underlined by the characteristic sew/cut which, like a light line drawn by hand, follows the essential geometries and soft lines of the collection. To make them extremely comfortable and enveloping like a nest, the padded parts were made using a soft layer of channelled goose down, with the recovery of the traditional technique of using pocket springs in the seat cushions.


p. 162-163
p. 72-73

Design Paola Navone

Soft and generous volumes that represent comfort par excellence define the More collection, a modular upholstery system that offers infinite configurations thanks to the different modules in the collection: armchair, corner element, pouf, dormeuse, ideal for creating a real area dedicated to relaxation, conversation or reading. The More collection is completed by a pair of armchairs with soft lines and retro charm.


Design Paola Navone

The elective place for moments of relaxation, Nuvola is a collection of upholstered furniture made up of armchairs and sofas that stands out for its soft and attractive shapes. Its “chubby” line, which has made it a true icon, characterised by high armrests and a deep seat, welcomes you like a hug and creates a real cocoon effect. An oversized upholstery with an informal feel, completely removable that changes its look depending on the chosen upholstery: if the important and worked fabrics enhance its full shape, the light cottons and linens lean against the structure as if supported by the air.


p. 154-155

Design David Lopez Quincoces

With balanced lines, the Saia upholstered collection is created from a classic ideal reinterpreted in a contemporary key. The name, meaning "skirt" in Portuguese, illustrates its distinctive feature: a removable cover that falls light and elegant to the ground and adheres to the structure of the sofa, emphasized and designed by a discreet piping that defines its shape. Elegant, versatile products, that bring to mind the elegance and sweetness of a female figure: an invitation to sit comfortably to be embraced and wrapped in maximum comfort.


Design Cristina Celestino

Surrounded by an enveloping padded frame, the Plumeau bed reveals its essence in soft, sinuous shapes that call to mind the textile world. Created from the desire to reinterpret night-time wellness in a contemporary key through a narration inspired by the aesthetics of Asian nomad communities. The padded surface with removable cover resembles the capes and tents of the people who live in the fields of Mongolia, a faraway place that calls back to dreamlike settings.


p. 168-169

Design Paola Navone

A wide and varied collection dedicated to the various ways of conceiving the sleeping area. A true relaxation area, the bedroom focuses on comfort, research of materials and attention to detail through a range of products characterised by extraordinary transversality, suitable for any type of home.

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