Cruise Ship Interiors Expo USA
7-8 June
Miami Beach Convention Centre / Stand 563


This year too, Gervasoni flies overseas to take part in the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo, the only trade fair in the world dedicated to interior design, architecture and fittings for the cruise industry.

On 7 and 8 June, the Miami Beach Convention Centre will host the main shipyards and shipping companies of the industry, together with international designers, architects and furniture brands.

Gervasoni is the ideal partner for the world of design, from the hotel and restaurant industry to the nautical sector, thanks to a wide range of products capable of interpreting with versatility the needs and functions required by contract use and the most rigorous international standards. Gervasoni will be present at the event with a selection of products from four collections, three of which were designed by Paola Navone and one presented in February 2022 and designed by Federica Biasi. The products will be exhibited at the stand promoting the brand and they will also be used as furnishing elements at the CSI Plus Lounge.

Vintage soul and contemporary design characterise Gray, an articulated collection of chairs, armchairs, sofas, tables and coffee tables that mixes the austere elegance of classic furnishings with the simplicity of Nordic forms. A collection in solid walnut or oak embellished with workmanship, shapes and unusual materials, such as stone, porcelain, aluminium and marble. Two products of the Gray collection come together in the furnishing. On one side Gray 07, an armchair in wood whose distinctive element is a low, enveloping backrest in the shape of a semi-circle made with slats. Its legs in solid wood intertwine forming a cross. On the other is Gray 08, a second version of the same chair, but its backrest and seat are padded with polyurethane foam and it includes a removable cover.

The beauty of simplicity and comfort take shape in the family of padded Loll, made special by the care in the details, the quality of the materials and the uniqueness of the artisan workmanship narrating an idea of contemporary comfort: soft, enveloping lines characterise the Loll 07 armchair, in the name of tactile and visual softness. Featuring an inviting and comfortable seat, Loll is defined by impeccable proportions and compact volumes. The edging with visible piping defines the silhouette and emphasises Gervasoni’s expert tailoring skill. It can also be combined with the other items in the LOLL collection and its small size makes it ideal for every corner of the house.

The tables from the Inout collection fill the spaces. It is wide and varied and demonstrates the many ways Gervasoni imagines relaxation. Exotic suggestions alternating with essential sophisticated elements define the family of coffee tables-poufs in GFRC cement in white or anthracite grey. The Inout 47/48/49 tables stand out for their essential nature: available in various heights they have an asymmetrical totem structure, with a round top. Inout 44 is a coffee table-pouf made of GFRC ceramic in black, anthracite grey or white decorated with black polka dots or black stripes, it is characterised by a champagne cork shape, essential and minimal.

The setting is completed by the Brise coffee tables by Federica Biasi: outdoor conviviality is the key of the collection. Brise, literally breeze, aims at taking us back to that pleasant sensation when a breeze makes the summer heat milder to enjoy moments of relaxation en plein air and, therefore, at accompanying happy and carefree moments. Brise is a lively, elegant and bubbly collection all at the same time, calling to mind Art Nouveau, floral, liberty style, defined by ornamental and decorative lines that are inspired by nature to harmonise with it. The collection is made up of round tables with cylindrical bases and portable tops in Millgres available in various sizes and heights and in a palette of dynamic colours, where in addition to red and cream, there is also blue. 

Very Wood, the group’s other brand, will also take part in the fair.