The Gervasoni outdoor collection is the result of a careful selection of natural and technical materials processed with expert manual skills and innovative technologies. To adapt to the various styles of living the outdoor spaces, furnishing it with absolute ease, elegance and freedom in personalising terraces, gardens or pools, from the most urban and contemporary environments to the most sophisticated ones or to those completely surrounded by nature.


Design Paola Navone

Summer evenings and a Thousand and One Nights atmospheres. The Random 96 pendant lamp designed by Paola Navone is characterised by an elongated bell-shaped lampshade with high-density polyethylene weave worked with irregular mesh, Perfect either on its own or in a series to create multiple light sources and illuminate outdoor areas, Random 96 combines the poetry of a lace lampshade with resistance to water and moisture, alluding to the ethnic charm of woven objects.

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Design Paola Navone

Semplice e raffinata, la famiglia di sedie Straw 23/24 si contraddistinguono per la struttura in tubolare di alluminio verniciato grigio chiaro. A slender and light product covered with a handwoven weave with a double torsion polyethylene rope, a fibre with a natural, strong, flexible and durable appearance designed specifically for outdoor use.

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Design Paola Navone

The allure of an exotic mood is the inspiration for the Jeko collection. The Jeko tables, sofas, and armchairs feature a frame in ECOTeak, a material obtained from recycled teak beams and elements recovered from the demolition of traditional wooden homes on the island of Java, Indonesia, authorised by local authorities. The recovered elements are cut to size, repaired with recycled wood, assembled and sanded to highlight the original grain, and finally hand-polished with hemp cloths and shavings. Its curvy profile is completed by soft, cozy cushions.

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Design Chiara Andreatti

Chiara Andreatti designs the GUNA outdoor furniture collection consisting of carpets, charpoys, cushions and coffee tables with a strong multi-ethnic inspiration. Guna is a Sanskrit term meaning "energy that envelops all things", from the Indo-European root gere, "envelopment", used to denote a single string used to make a woven rope. A name that conveys the profound meaning of the collection: a weave of yarns, stitches and textures, as well as inspirations, relationships and cultures all underpin the project by the designer.

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