For her first collaboration with Gervasoni, Chiara Andreatti has designed the outdoor furniture collection GUNA; consisting of rugs, charpoys, cushions and coffee tables with a strong, multiethnic inspiration.

Guna is a Sanskrit term meaning "energy that envelops all things", from the Indo-European root gere, "envelopment", used to denote a single string used to make a woven rope. A name that conveys the profound meaning of the collection: a weave of yarns, stitches and textures, as well as inspirations, relationships and cultures all underpin the project by the designer who has conceived an outdoor area for Gervasoni as a place for living, an environment of meetings and exchanges.

The Guna rug is an element that welcomes and binds together all the family's furniture pieces and is made using a refined knitting technique. An innovative process that starts with a concept of warp and weft with an artisan flavour, transported onto the perfection and seriality of industrial looms. The result is an unprecedented passage, a refined concept that recovers an artisan pattern and reproposes it with a contemporary twist.

An ultra thin polypropylene yarn in two contrasting colours is woven by a latest-generation knitting loom and transformed into an innovative rug available in two versions, one with a striped texture and another more decorative, double face one, both 2.30 x 3 m in size.

A traditional Indian bed that is low and spacious, the charpoy is reinterpreted by Chiara Andreatti through the use of melange hemp and cocoa colour nautical codes with a highly natural flavour, hand woven onto the outdoor treated wooden structure, characterised by the particular flared design of its legs, on which seating and decorative cushions rest, covered in knit-stitch recycled polyester fibre fabrics. Available in two sizes, 190x90 and 120x100, they can be brought together or stacked to bring movement to space.

The area is completed by Guna low side tables featuring a sculptural, "c" (L.54 x W.58 x H.36 cm) or star-shaped (L.45 x W.45 x H.32 cm) refractory ceramic base, in several colour versions, and a treated wooden squared top outdoor version.

A collection that combines different materials and aesthetic languages that are different but linked by unique finishes and convey a sense of spontaneous and informal outdoor living: somewhere to sit, lie down, read and eat, for ultimate relaxation and enjoyment of free time.