Vibrations, sounds and colours, elements laden with suggestions that distinguish the natural environment all inspired the Italo-Thailandese designer Elena Sanguankeo in the creation of her outdoor rug collection ECHO. The project is the result of profound research pursued by the company together with the designer. Rugs were initially designed and made on a manual shuttle loom before being developed on a radically re-adapted industrial loom to create patterns with an artisan look.

Elena Sanguankeo transfers all her experience in the world of haute couture to the Echo collection, weaving different yarns, colours and stitches, giving rise to three versions: "Green Contrast", combining an orange-blue bouclé with a green-turquoise melange band, "White Contrast", made from a rope coloured bouclé and a white melange band, and "Natural Contrast", featuring a yellow and periwinkle blue bouclé accompanied by an earth-coloured melange band. The synthesis of tradition and innovation is also palpable in the choice of materials: jute and propylene are both suitable for outdoor use and are water resistant.

A collection of fresh, lightweight and transportable rugs that define outdoor areas, vibrating with surrounding nature.