Interwoven yarns, knits and textures combine to create the GUNA rug: made with a sophisticated knitting technique, an artisan process applied to industrial looms, it revives an artisan pattern and restyles it with a contemporary twist. A very fine polypropylene yarn, in two contrasting colours, is woven to create a rug available in two versions, one with a striped texture and a more decorative, double-faced version. Available in several sizes, it comes in three colours, Blue, Red and Natural, and it is also suitable for outdoor use.



Rug Guna 01 Blue
Rug Guna 01 Natural
Rug Guna 01 Red
Rug Guna 02 Blue
Rug Guna 02 Natural
Rug Guna 02 Red
Rug Guna 03 Blue
Rug Guna 03 Natural
Rug Guna 03 Red

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