For the first time, architects and designers from different backgrounds collaborate with Gervasoni to create collections that range broadly into the world of outdoor furnishings. The use of traditional outdoor materials, as well as the most-advanced innovative materials - perfect to resist to both weather agents and time - make it possible to create products and collections that can interact with each other to give life to combinations that are new and personal each time, in order to create one’s own outdoor space, free of any style limitations.

The GERVASONI outdoor collection is the result of a careful selection of natural and technical materials processed with expert manual skills and innovative technologies. GERVASONI outdoor products adapt to the various styles of living the outdoor spaces, furnishing it with absolute ease, elegance and freedom in personalising terraces, gardens or pools, from the most urban and contemporary environments to the most sophisticated ones or to those completely surrounded by nature.


Design Chiara Andreatti

Chiara Andreatti designs the GUNA outdoor furniture collection consisting of carpets, charpoys, cushions and coffee tables with a strong multi-ethnic inspiration. Guna is a Sanskrit term meaning "energy that envelops all things", from the Indo-European root gere, "envelopment", used to denote a single string used to make a woven rope. A name that conveys the profound meaning of the collection: a weave of yarns, stitches and textures, as well as inspirations, relationships and cultures all underpin the project by the designer.

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The Guna rug is made with the refined artisan knitwear technique, transported into the perfection and seriality of industrial looms. A very fine polypropylene yarn, in two contrasting colours, is woven to create a rug available in two versions, one with a monochrome, striped texture in two sizes (80x240 and 230x300 cm) and a more decorative version in the 230x300 cm size. Guna is available in three colour options, Blue, Red and Natural, and it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. All versions are reversible.

A traditional Indian bed that is low and spacious, the charpoy is reinterpreted by Chiara Andreatti through the use of nautical ropes in natural, red and rlue, woven by hand to the structure in Iroko wood treated for outdoor use, characterised by the particular flared design of the legs, on which the seat cushions rest. Available in two sizes 195x95 and 120x100 to move the space. The space is completed by Guna low tables, with a round top and sculptural base in Millgres in red, white and blue.

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Design Elena Sanguankeo

Vibrations, sounds and colours, elements laden with suggestions that distinguish the natural environment all inspired the Italo-Thailandese designer Elena Sanguankeo in the creation of her outdoor rug collection ECO. The project is the result of profound research pursued by the company together with the designer. Rugs were initially designed and made on a manual shuttle loom before being developed on a radically re-adapted industrial loom to create patterns with an artisan look.

Elena Sanguankeo transfers all her experience in the world of haute couture to the Eco collection, weaving different yarns, colours and stitches, giving rise to three versions: "Green Contrast", combining an orange-blue bouclé with a green-turquoise melange band, "White Contrast", made from a rope coloured bouclé and a white melange band, and "Natural Contrast", featuring a yellow and periwinkle blue bouclé accompanied by an earth-coloured melange band. The synthesis of tradition and innovation is also palpable in the choice of materials: jute and propylene are both suitable for outdoor use and are water resistant. A collection of fresh, lightweight and transportable rugs that define outdoor areas, vibrating with surrounding nature.

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Design Federica Biasi

Outdoor conviviality is the key of one of the collections by Federica Biasi. Brise, literally breeze, aims at taking us back to that pleasant sensation when a breeze makes the summer heat milder to enjoy moments of relaxation en plein air and, therefore, at accompanying happy and carefree moments.  A lively collection, elegant and bubbly at the same time, calling to mind Art Nouveau, floral, defined by ornamental and decorative lines that are inspired by nature to harmonise with it.

The collection is made up of round tables with cylindrical bases and portable tops in Millgres available in various sizes and heights and in a palette of dynamic colours, where in addition to red and cream, there is also blue. The tables are available also with stainless steel bases in three colours: white, red and grey.

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Design Paola Navone

The charm of the exotic mood inspires the JEKO collection, designed by Paola Navone. All the products from the Jeko collection have a frame made in ECOTeak, a material that comes from reused beams and elements in teak recovered from the demolition, approved by the local authorities, of traditional homes made of wood on the island of Java, in Indonesia. The recovered elements are cut to size, repaired with recycled wood, assembled and sanded to highlight the original veining. Lastly, they are polished by hand with hemp cloths and wood shavings.

The Jeko collection, characterised by products in colonial style, grows with a series of dining tables and lounge chairs in various heights with an ECOTeak frame and rectangular or round tops in white Carrara marble, an armchair, a Lounge chair and a reclining sunbed, all with an ECOTeak frame and the possibility for a comfort accentuated by the addition of cushions and backrests with removable covers. Products that are very essential and clean, where the natural beauty of the recovered wood is enhanced and not concealed, since it is the key strength of the entire collection.

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