On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2022, Gervasoni opened the doors of its new showroom in the city of Milan, fundamental showcase in the world of design.
The space of over 700 square metres on Via Spartaco was imagined as a meeting place for professionals in the industry and the company, to create a fertile ground of discussion: a place where designers, architects, customers and retailers can be supported during each phase of design and selection, concentrating all of the company’s collections in a single context. A “hidden treasure”, a small urban industrial architecture included inside the typical Milanese living context.

The new layout, curated by architect Ferruccio Laviani, is designed to tell the story of the Gervasoni universe and its ability to give life to indoor and outdoor areas that reflect the soul of the brand.

The natural-touch flooring of the Cromie line has been made by the Modenese company La Pietra Compattata. The different colors of the tiles divide the spaces: shades of pink define the areas dedicated to indoor furnishings, while green, a color evocative of nature, characterizes the spaces intended for the outdoors.

A series of panels, made with 3D printing by the company Aectual, further divides the rooms, giving rise to a dynamic atmosphere. Hanging semi-transparent screens create a play of light and shadow, of solids and voids, allowing the view to go beyond and create more private corners at the same time.

The latest Indoor and Outdoor 2022 news dialogue harmoniously with the company's icons, to show once again the infinite potential of the furnishings, which are versatile and suitable for being placed in the most various contexts, always mantain a strong character and personality: elegant and minimal living areas with a contemporary flavor, dining areas that invite conviviality, and sleeping areas in which nighttime well-being is reinterpreted in a contemporary key.

The latest outdoor products also furnish the space.
Outdoor socialising is key to one of Federica Biasis collections. Brise, aims to evoke the pleasant feeling of a breeze that alleviates the summer heat so you can enjoy relaxing time outdoors and happy, carefree moments. A collection that is at once lively, elegant and vibrant, Brise evokes Art Noveau, floral style and Liberty, defined by ornamental and decorative designs inspired by nature to harmonise with it. In the new layout, the unprecedented dining chairs are presented in tubular steel and Wood Evolution, a resistant material suitable for making the most of very fine thicknesses. Designed to marry with dining tables defined by a simple structure and minimal shape made of tubular steel with a Ductal concrete top, they go to complete the offering along with the round coffee tables with a cylinder base and removable top in Millgres.

Gabriele and Oscar Buratti designed the Flair collection, a modular sofa that paves the way for a product with an informal use, featuring soft curves paired with a controlled design. For the first time, Gervasoni is offering an outdoor modular sofa with a mechanism consisting of a backrest with a manually foldable double hinge that defines and moves the product’s skyline, permitting double heights on individual backrests.

The new set-up also includes the new outdoor range by Japanese studio Nendo, the Kasane collection. Literally‘overlapping’, Kasane is the result of different interlocking and overlapping elements in which each product becomes a sculpture. Inspired by the way cups gradually become taller by stacking them one by one, the pouf and table collection features the rhythmic expression of stacked edges and the tactile texture of clay that defines the product’s essence.

Federica Biasi also designed Hashi: oriental and exotic inspirations create a collection consisting of a modular sofa and rocking chair. Literally ‘chopsticks’ in Japanese’, Hashi is based on a system with a minimal and rigid structure reminiscent of the oriental tool from which it takes its name, resulting in products distinguished by fusions of different styles, flavours and cultures in a dynamic dialogue between two worlds.

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Credits: La Pietra Compattata, AECTUAL.